December 4, 2020

Tournament Structure

Approximately 80 current MIT SCM students, 20 MIT SCM alumni, and 25 students from other universities will work in teams to address Challenge Statements submitted by industry sponsors. Each team will have access to an experienced supply chain practitioner who will serve as an advisor.

Each challenge statement will be addressed by 5 student teams, who will work on their solutions over an intense 4+ days. Teams submit recorded video recommendations and executive summaries to sponsoring companies and MIT SCM research staff.

Each Industry sponsor will select the best of the recommendations presented to them, advancing one team to the final round.

Five finalist teams present their recommendations to a panel of judges in a live remote session with Q&A. The panel will include representatives from the MIT SCM faculty, CSCMP, and the Platinum Sponsor company.

Judges will evaluate finalist recommendations on the basis of applicability/relevance, innovativeness/creativity, and technical competency, and will award cash prizes to the top teams.